Wellness Programming A Must for Campuses Whether Virtual or In-Person

Wellness Programming A Must for Campuses Whether Virtual or In-Person

Whether your campus is fully virtual or hybrid or in-person, health and wellness concerns for your student body is never far from our minds.  And this year is the most concerning in recent history.  Health experts have told us that having a healthy mind and body may be one of the most important factors in protecting ourselves from COVID-19.  And we also know that stress weakens our immune systems significantly.  But, how do you avoid or reduce stress when the fear and anxiety induced by a pandemic – not only health-wise, but also economically and socially  – is increasing stress levels for most Americans?  How do you keep your body healthy when gyms are closed or can only allow limited participants in order to stay within social distance guidelines?   Some have turned to zoom classes and creative outlets in order to keep their mental and physical wellness in check.  But, some of us still seem to struggle to find what peaks our interest.  Neon Entertainment has some unique programs that are perfect to engage, entertain, and most importantly help reduce stress and tension and increase focus at a time when it’s needed most.


As educators and leaders we hate to see our students struggle, especially as the end of the semester approaches.  The search is on for programming that can help improve their overall wellness.  And, while you may already know that music is a great outlet for stress reduction and focus, we are willing to bet you haven’t considered or even seen a program out there that provides both live music and physical wellness instruction.  Not one, but two of our acts have come up with programs that combine their love for music with physical & mental wellness exercises.  Check out musician and yogi, Shanice Green’s, Two Deep Breaths and musician and sensei, Jake Robertson aka J8KE’s, multi-dimensional program Beat”Boxing” for ways to maximize your budget dollars AND the benefit to your students.


For many, creating is a great outlet to reduce mental stress.  By having to focus on the project in front of us, we are often able to forget and let go of the other things that are causing us stress.  We’ve doubled the benefit of hands-on projects with these DIYs items which are geared toward comfort and relaxation.  Check out our color-your-own zlippers, our no-sew blankets, essential oil rollers and more for hands-on creations that will serve two purposes with one event!


Relaxation programs have been a staple for many campuses over the years.  For those who are still able to host on-campus events we want to assure you we are providing the safest options possible for our classic relaxation program.  We don’t want to create stress when we are supposed to be relieving it.  So, while these programs still include 4 chairs, 4 chi machines and oxygen bar, social distancing, sanitization and safety barriers have all been added make sure we are providing the utmost benefit when you book this event.

Help students manage the weight of the end of the semester by providing them with a opportunity to break for some self care with one or more of these wellness centered programs. Our agents are eager to assist you in finding the right fit for your budget and your wellness needs.


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