Virtual Programming Proving To Provide Great Entertainment

Virtual Programming Proving To Provide Great Entertainment

Booking virtual events is new for everyone, and has had some challenges. Virtual Music and Variety Entertainment especially have faced speculation of sound quality and technological roadblocks. But, here at Neon Entertainment, we take great pride in helping to put all your concerns to bed and provide your campus with intimate and energized virtual performances.

Neon’s artists having been working hard to make sure the performances they deliver are as seamless as possible.   For one, they’re testing and choosing their virtual platforms carefully to make sure it conveys a performance they can be proud of.  They consider details like, does it allow them to interact with the audience in a way that’s not distracting, but still offer that intimate feeling of being in the room with them?  For example, our Virtual Live Unplugged Karaoke provides audience members to join in and sing along with our professional musicians.  Another consideration when choosing a platform is what kind of sound quality does the platform guarantee?  And, is it easy to access without the risk of being video bombed (because let’s face it, who wants their performance going viral not because of their talent, but because of the naked guy streaking across the screen)!?

In addition to carefully selecting digital technology, good sound equipment has become more of a necessity for performing virtually and our artists are armed and ready!  We perform regular sound and technology checks to make sure your audience has a great show delivered to their dorm, home or other safe space they choose. Neon musician, Jake Robertson has done several open mic events for us and we think you’ll agree, his sound quality is pretty awesome thanks to the investments he’s made into his equipment!  Check out his Music Monday performance from August 3rd here:

(Be sure to also check out Jake’s newest program BEAT”BOXING” where he combines the relaxing techniques of Martial Arts with live looping music.)

Technology and sound aren’t the only important details of a great virtual performance.  Acts take into consideration their background and what it invokes in the audience.  There are no fancy stages with professional lights and velvet curtain backdrops.  No hip coffeehouse vibes with the hum of a full space. Many acts are living in tiny NYC apartments or the like, so creating a space that is professional and not distracting can be a challenge…but, as artists, there’s nothing more intriguing than creating something out of nothing and so far our acts have accepted this challenge with open minds.  Check out musician and yogi-Shanice Green’s serene space she uses for musical performances and her program Two Deep Breath’s

Shanice Green Two Deep Breaths

What may be even more relieving to hear is that not only do our acts offer the best performances they can, but the cost of a virtual performance is affordable.  With travel no longer being something we need to consider, acts can manage virtual performances much more economically than a live in-person show.  AND even more impressive is that we’ve experienced great attendance (oftentimes even better than live on-site shows!)  So what are you waiting for!?  Book your virtual music and variety entertainment now!


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