Safely & Socially | 4 Social Distant Event Ideas for Your Campus

Safely & Socially | 4 Social Distant Event Ideas for Your Campus

The year 2020 has not been predictable. Understanding that your college experience has been certainly shredded by the pandemic, we’ve done our best to continue providing safe-socially distant event ideas for college campuses. As a longtime leader in college event planning, the year has had it’s ups and downs for everyone in the industry. Because of limitations with crowd size, along with the unfortunate state of our country’s health, it’s difficult to get a live event together. What’s been great however is the amazing virtual events we’ve been able to put on all over the country, allowing for college students to interact and engage while remaining socially distant!

Here are 4 Socially Distant & Safe Events for College Event Planners!

Virtual Paint Social

It’s the spookiest time of the year, but our Virtual Paint Social program has been wildly popular across the country. You may have attended a paint night with friends before, but obviously we can’t gather too many people at once. What a great way to inspire and engage than to all collectively work on a custom piece of art! Painting and creating are great for mental health, and we send everything you need to you!

Socially Distant Silent Disco

So if you’re anything like us, you may be really missing live music. Unfortunately going to see a live act in 2020 has been pretty impossible, no matter where you’re from. We’ve seen some football stadiums be able to hold fans at some universities, so fingers crossed! One thing you could still get together however is a socially distant Silent Disco! We have had great responses from some of our outdoor silent disco events!

Social Distance Escape Room

Our virtual escape rooms are unmatched! We proudly put together some of the most creative socially distant escape room concepts in the country! If you’ve ever gotten together with your friends or family for an in person escape room, you’ve seen how fun they can be to solve a real life puzzle! Check out some of our socially distant escape room ideas to learn more on how you can engage hundreds of students all at once!

Engaging Socially Distant Speaker Series

Coping with and learning how to interact in a remote world hasn’t been easy for anyone. Understanding that there are touchy subjects and sensitive topics, what better time than to be able to bring people together with a powerful speaker or engaging remote program? We have yoga relaxation programs, engagement speakers, alcohol awareness programs and so much more! If you need help finding a good way to use your student activities budget, talk to one of our agents today!

Staying socially distant is very important right now, and practicing good habits. If you are searching for remote social distance student activity ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We have a team of agents all over the country to help provide outstanding socially distant and remote events for colleges. Contact Us to learn more!


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