Like Neon, NACA Going Virtual in 2020

At this point virtual events are becoming pretty familiar here at Neon Entertainment. Seeing things like music, magic, and comedy move onto a virtual platform has been interesting to say the least! Having been an active participant with NACA conferences for years, it’s exciting to announce that this October the NACA conference is going 100% virtual!

We want to do our best to continue to help NACA deliver the same experience you always have had in the past. So Neon Entertainment is already working on it creating the best virtual experience for our colleges. Now we know that connecting virtually doesn’t offer the same experience as being there in person, but, we are all adapting to change especially in the college programming world


To replicate an in-person conference through a virtual experience is challenging. With a whole new platform designed for this year’s conference, you will still be able to connect to Neon Entertainment’s programs. Being a virtual event, you can choose when and who you want to connect with, on your own time. Essentially the conference will be coming to you! Without having to leave the office or house. You will have the ability to attend either through your computer or smart device.


Through NACA’s digital platform in which the virtual conference will be held. Neon will still deliver high-quality participation for its attendees. We know how important it is to continue networking through times like these. This is why we are already brainstorming and developing the way we will interact this October at the NACA conference. The platform will allow us to interact and network as if we were attending the conference in person.

There will be 2 virtual experiences running from Oct 2-4, 2020 and also Oct 9-11, 2020. Whatever works best for your schedule! We here at Neon have been engrossed with working ahead to ensure that all of our acts and performers are prepared to continue booking virtual experiences for college events. The feedback has been great so far!


We want to make this as simple as possible for the attendees. You will be able to book an appointment with our agency and connect with us as if you at the booth with us. We will have live sessions as well as a pre-recorded session(s) in which you can view at your convenience. We want to deliver the same experience you have had in the past as well as a memorable impression on our new attendees. Neon Entertainments has been adapting to the virtual world since before COVID-19 hit the world. So we know that we can offer you everything virtually, the same way we would in person.

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