De-Stress For Finals Week | College Relaxation Programs

De-Stress For Finals Week | College Relaxation Programs

Every college student knows how stressful preparing for finals can be.  Between the increased workload and the pressure to do well, finals week can really take its toll.  That’s why it’s important for campus event planners to provide outlets where students can relieve some of that tension.  Here are some of our most popular stress relief events for you to schedule for finals week.

Essential Oils Workshop

If you’ve never heard of them before, essential oils are concentrated plant-based compounds that are often used in aromatherapy.  In this program students will learn how to properly use these oils to brighten their mood and improve focus. They’ll even learn how to make their own essential oils so they can continue to experience the benefits after finals week is over!

College Relaxation Package

Students always underestimate the impact finals week takes on their physical well being.  These three events will let students relax both mind and body at once and can help them stay in a good state of health.  You can book these events through our campus relaxation program package.

  • Chi Machines gently rock your legs back and forth as a form of passive aerobic exercise.  They have been shown to improve circulation, relax muscles and realign the spine.  Additionally, many find the slow rocking motion to be soothing.
  • Massage chairs can be a good tool for rejuvenating students during final exams.  Studies have shown them to help lower heart rate and blood pressure.  They also excel at relieving muscle tension and joint discomfort.
  • Oxygen bars are used to provide fresh pure oxygen to the brain.  You’d be surprised at the difference that can make. Oxygen therapy is believed to provide relief from headaches, promote better sleep, and increase energy and concentration levels.  

Relaxing Campus Activities

Relaxing campus events can also include fun craft style projects that will help students take their mind off their workload for a short while.

Tie Dye T-shirts

Who doesn’t love a tie dye shirt? Students will have a great time and will get to walk away with some groovy clothing to take home.

Zen Gardens

Students will receive a mini zen garden to keep on their desk.  They’ll be able to take short breaks while studying to help them de-stress, refocus and get back to the grind.

Sand Art

This is a fun activity where students can express their creativity and make a colorful trinkets to decorate their desks.


This is the perfect opportunity for students to relax and feel like a kid again as they design their own stuffed animal.

Many students will struggle with the rigors of finals week so be sure to provide outlets for them to decompress.  These programs will provide much needed relief during one of the most stressful times of times of the year. Contact us today for help booking any of our college stress relief programs.


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