Everybody Can Play Game Shows | Interactive Campus Events

Everybody Can Play Game Shows | Interactive Campus Events

College event planners are always looking for cool ways to get students involved on campus.  One of the best ways is to host interactive campus events where all the students get to participate.  This is where our selection of college game shows really shines.  Not only are they a great form of entertainment but they give college students the chance to compete for cash prizes!  This week we wanted to highlight a few of our most popular “everybody can play” game show events.

Cell Phone Smackdown

You’d be hard pressed to find a college student these days who doesn’t own a cell phone.  That’s what makes Cell Phone Smackdown the perfect interactive game show for college students.  It’s a competitive trivia contest where anyone in the audience with a smartphone can play to win the grand prize.  On top of being a fun and entertaining night out, a total of $200 in cash will be doled out to the winning individuals or teams!

Trivia Night On Campus

Similar to the cell phone smackdown event, Trivia Night On Campus is also run through audience member cell phones.  The questions cover a wide range of categories including movies, sports, history, TV and music. If you book this game show, we’ll send you everything you need including a professional comedian to host the event.  Everyone is sure to have a good time as they enjoy the atmosphere while laughing and competing to win prize money.

Total Team Trivia

As you might have guessed, trivia nights are a popular request for campus events.  However, Total Team Trivia is a little different than the previous two we’ve mentioned.  Rather than answering questions via cell phone, this one-of-a-kind campus game show calls contestants up on stage.  Students battle to answer trivia questions the fastest and also compete in wacky physical challenges. As students enter the event they are split up into teams and everybody gets to take part!  At the end of the night the top 3 teams are rewarded with cash prizes.

Playlist Bingo

Playlist Bingo takes a new spin on the classic game and updates it for younger generations.  Instead of sitting around dobbing numbers in a stuffy bingo hall, students get to mark off songs by their favorite artists as they jam out to music.  One of the reasons this event is so popular is because everybody has a chance to play and to win! Every style of music is fair game, including pop, hip-hop, rock, classics and country, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  The event can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes so you can choose whatever works best for your next campus event schedule.

Pop Culture Clash

Pop Culture Clash is a game show that allows the entire audience to be a part of the game from the minute the emcee is announced until the moment the winner is awarded a prize of $200!  With several different styles of competition all within one game show as well as the chance to get back into the game, winning is never too far out of reach! The audience will be broken up into teams of four. Each team will get a wireless controller (state-of-the-art RF technology) – this technology is newer and more up to date than other companies using the same technology and during our fastest finger round every team in the audience will play.

At Neon Entertainment we’re all about trying to provide college students with unique events that will make lasting memories.  What better way to do that than with college game shows where they’ll be a part of the event and will have a shot at winning real money!  Give us a call today for booking information or if you have any other questions about our interactive campus events.


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