Take It Easy With Neon’s Natural Healing Programs

Take It Easy With Neon’s Natural Healing Programs

Here at Neon, we work hard to stay at the top of the college entertainment industry.  We’ve always strived to bring you the most fun and unique campus events around so that you can make your college experience something truly special.  Having said that, we also provide a number of cool college events that go a step beyond pure entertainment.

Many people would agree that college is one of the most exciting times of their life.  Most people would add that it was the most stressful too. Between classes, exams, and social functions it can be hard for students to find time to relax.  To help solve this issue we now have a new program available for booking that combines 3 of our most popular college relaxation programs. We’re calling this our Natural Healing Program package.  If you want to add some campus event ideas that will promote a calming atmosphere for students, these 3 events might be just what the doctor ordered!

The Oxygen Bar

Have you ever heard of an oxygen bar before?  The trend started back in the late 1990s where establishments like spas, salons, and gyms started serving scented oxygen over the counter to help rejuvenate both mind and body.  Fans of this treatment often comment on how it helps boost their concentration and memory and also soothes their headaches and hangovers. With this college relaxation program on your campus, students will have the perfect opportunity to take some time to refresh.

Essential Oils Workshop

If you aren’t familiar with essential oils, they’re a form of alternative medicine that offer benefits through aromatherapy.  Essential oils can help revitalize students as they let go of their problems for a short time. This event is more than a simple relaxation program though.  It aims to teach students about how to use essential oils and even make their own! This way, if a student enjoys the treatment, they can replicate it for future exams and other stressful situations.

Make Your Own Lip Balm

For many, lip balm is a popular item but the problem is you never really know what’s in the stuff you buy at the store.  Our “make your own lip balm” event is a great way for students to go organic with their lip balm. In addition to getting free chapstick, this workshop will teach students how to make their own balm using natural products that are better their body and the environment.  This relaxation program can be soothing for students and is a great skill to learn; especially if lip balm is something they use on a daily basis.

Here at Neon Entertainment we offer a plethora of different relaxation events.  Our Natural Healing Program package provides the perfect avenue to sample several of our most popular relaxations programs at once.  For help with scheduling this or any other package for your next campus event give us a call to talk to a booking agent today.


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