Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 104

Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 104

Neon Entertainment offers you access to the top trending comedians and musicians in the entertainment industry. Bring a nationally-known act to your college campus for your next big event and we’ll do all the work.

Offering services like event preparation and on-site consultation for your larger events, Neon Entertainment has been one of the leading entertainment booking agencies for the past 23 years. If you need to hire a comedian or need a musician for your college event let one of our entertainment booking agents help you with your next event.

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Music video for “1 Night” has 191M+ Spotify streams and 122M+ YouTube views. Voice of ‘Green Lantern’ in the recently released animated feature TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES and will be starring in the reboot of How High for MTV set to release in 2019.

Featured on major media outlets such as NY Times, Fader, Complex, Rolling Stone, XXL, and The Guardian.



Current single “Ruin My Life” has 75M streams on Spotify and is about to crack Top 30 at Pop and Top 40 Radio.

5.4M+ Instagram followers, 1.35M+ Facebook followers, and 21.1M+ Spotify monthly listeners.



2017 Grammy Award Winner with Best Dance Recording for “Don’t Let Me Down”. She has 4.5M monthly listeners on Spotify, and her new single “Safe” has 16.4M streams on Spotify and 2.2M views on YouTube.

561K+ Instagram followers, 243K+ Facebook followers, and 152K+ Twitter followers.


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