Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 92

Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 92

Neon Entertainment offers you access to the top trending comedians and musicians in the entertainment industry. Bring a Nationally known act to your college campus for your next big event and we’ll do all the work.

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NEFFEX is a production duo consisting of vocalist Brandon “B-Ho” Horth and DJ Cam Wales. They first teamed up in a punk rock band at the age of 15 and then reunited in 2015 to form NEFFEX and haven’t faltered since. The duo delivers an aggressive, but ultimately pop-oriented blend of Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, and EDM. Lyrically, NEFFEX focuses on telling stories, describing experiences, and motivating people to chase after their dreams. Their singles “Fight Back” and “Rumors” both have 10M+ streams on Spotify and YouTube.


2. Henry Rollins

For many years Henry Rollins has used his camera to document his travels around the world. Join Henry for an intimate evening as he tells the stories behind the photos he’s taken, from Baghdad to Timbuktu.

Rollins will present a special performance drawing on experiences and his vast archive of photographs. “For many years, I have documented my travels all over the world with a camera. Not always easy but always worth it. Many of the photos have stories behind them. Now and then, I gather several images, show them to an audience and tell those stories.”

As a keen photographer, he will be bringing stories from travel all over the world, including the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, South America, and Antarctica.


3. Jaboukie Young-White

In July 2017, Jaboukie was as one of Rolling Stone‘s 25 Under 25 amongst musicians, actors, activists, and comedians.

He is an extremely active social content creator, with over 259k followers across Twitter and Instagram.

Now, Jaboukie writes for the popular Netflix television shows Big Mouth and American Vandal. He is the newest correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.


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