College Relaxation Programs

College Relaxation Programs

For many, college life can be a tangled web of balancing responsibilities and having a good time. Between managing classes, jobs, exams and your social life on top of that, it’s very natural for students to feel stressed out. With the fall semester coming to a close, stress levels can be especially high as students prepare for final exams.

It is vitally important during these next few weeks that students make time for things other than school so they don’t crack under the pressure. Luckily, Neon Entertainment has just the right college event package to save the day. Our college relaxation program offers everything you’ll need to give students something to focus on other than school.


What’s included?

Massage Chairs

What better way to provide a distraction from all that stressful work than with a nice relaxing massage! Our total relaxation package comes with fully functional massage chairs that will work the stress right out of your body. Even with just 15 minutes in a chair you’ll be amazed at how you can literally feel your cares melting away.

Chi Machines

Our unique chi machines are also part of our complete relaxation package. Lie down with a scented eye pillow and enjoy the gentle rocking motion applied to your feet. This will help calm you down while aligning your spine to remove the tension in your body built up by stress.

Oxygen Bar

When people are stressed out they tend to restrict their breathing without even noticing it. With our oxygen bar, students will breathe in one of our many aromatherapy scents through their personalized nose tubes. This treatment is great at giving the brain a quick reset to help improve focus and alertness.


Want More?

While the amenities mentioned above comprise our complete college relaxation package, you also have the options of adding in other relaxing activities. Our essential oils workshop is especially popular as students get to create their own scented blends for roller balls, room sprays and even inhalers.

Here’s a few more relaxing activities that are popular among students.

You can find a complete list of additional DIY programs that we have available here on our website.

The end of the semester is usually the most important time of the year for college students. For fun college event ideas that can help relieve student stress levels, look no further than Neon Entertainment. Our relaxation program is top notch and will help students take their mind off of classes and exams for a short while. If you need help booking your next campus event feel free to give us a call or fill out a contact form today.


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