Event Planning 101 | 6 Tips for Hosting a Successful Event

Event Planning 101 | 6 Tips for Hosting a Successful Event

Event planning is a fun and creative process. But, where do you start? Here are six tips for hosting a successful event to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

Start Planning Early

Give yourself enough time to be able not only plan but to advertise the event as well. Event planning is an extensive process. To make sure the event goes as planned, you’ll need time to secure the venue, book the talent, and secure any needed equipment (i.e. projector, lighting, sound.)  Marketing is one of your most important parts of the planning process.  You should give yourself adequate time to create and implement a thorough marketing plan. For ideas on how to creatively market your event, read Bring a Crowd to your Event with These 6 Creative Ideas.

Stay Organized

Organization is different for everyone. Some people really love checklists, while others are huge fans of planners and calendars. Find what works for you and use it! Disorganization can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress for everyone involved. If you find yourself struggling with staying organized, taking time to declutter (whether it’s your email inbox or the physical papers on a desk) can help you feel a little more in control.

Clear Communication

It’s important to have clear communication between your staff, the artist, and the agent. This will make everything run smoothly and efficiently. Keep in contact with the agent throughout the booking process. Also, make sure your event staff is all on the same page. The staff members should have their tasks clearly communicated to each of them leading up to the event and on the day of the event.

Consider Partnering with Another Group on Campus

Collaborating with different groups on campus is not only a great way to network and build connections, but it can also build your audience too. If your event is aligned with another group’s mission on campus, collaboration can be an easy way to build your audience. Each group has a different crowd to bring to the event. Do you have a coffee club on campus? Maybe ask them to host a tasting at your next coffee house music performance.

Have a Back-Up Plan

You know the old saying: The show must go on! Every event planner has a hiccup here or there. It’s important to have a strategy in place in-case anything happens. Things like securing an alternate location in case of bad weather, or can make a huge difference when something goes wrong. Another great idea is to have a person on-site that’s there to help out with little accidentals that maybe you forgot about. They can run an errand or assist in set-up when something goes wrong.

Make it Fun

This goes without saying, but it’s an important part of retention among your current and audience. Get your creative vibes flowing with each and every event. There’s no better advertising than that of word-of-mouth. If you host an amazing event, it will keep your audience coming back to future events and they’ll bring a friend or two!

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