5 Tips for the Best Campus Activities Marketplace Experience

5 Tips for the Best Campus Activities Marketplace Experience

Are you attending your regional NACA Conference this year? Or maybe you’ll be heading to the National Conference in February. Either way, it’s important to get the most out of every experience NACA has to offer. This includes the Campus Activities Marketplaces which gives you the opportunity to connect with agencies and artists. That’s why we decided to share with you five tips to make the most out of your Marketplace Experience.

Know what Campus Activities Marketplace is:

Making sure students understand the purpose of marketplace and why it’s so important to check out every booth, bring back promotional materials grab the make and take novelty that would be great for your campus, introduce themselves to agencies and artists, etc.

Know your team goals:

Before stepping into the Campus Activities Marketplace, know your team goals. This will help you target what you need and help get business done.


Step into the booth and chat! Engagement is so important at NACA and truly creates that one of a kind experience that you can receive at NACA conferences. Introduce yourself to the agent and artists and be willing to hear about what they do. Feel free to ask questions, take notes and share a little about your programming board and yourself.

Have your tools in hand:

Walking around Campus Activities Marketplace with your programming calendar in your hand is a great way to take notes and check availability. Feel free to use your calendar as tool when interacting with an agent. Let them know what dates you are looking to fill or check an artist’s availability.

Visit Acts in Their Booths:

So you just saw an awesome act showcase, now is the time to meet them! If you loved an act, make sure you find their booth in the next marketplace. They love hearing what you liked about the show and getting a picture with you. This is also a great time to get that block started and save money!

Look for Booth Demos:

Booth demos are when an artist is creating or showing examples of their art in the booth during Campus Activities Marketplace. Grab a free make and take customized to your liking or enjoy a few magic tricks.

Take Promotional Materials:

Marketplace can be overwhelming, so make sure you take the promo material shared with you back to your group. Feel free to ask the agency for a brochure or more information. This is usually a small piece of what the agency does so use the promo to find out more on their website and their social media.

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