Throwback Hypnotist for Your #tbt Events

Throwback Hypnotist for Your #tbt Events

College is a time of new beginnings; from leaving home, to making new friends, to taking new classes. So when you are looking to book a college entertainer for orientation or another campus-wide event, you need something that is new, fresh and exciting. What better than a well-known college entertainer, with a brand new show with a nostalgic twist?

Paul Ramsay

Paul Ramsay is a board certified hypnotist and a certified hypnotism instructor. Before he was entertaining all of us on stage, Paul was an English Teacher, as well as a Student Affairs professional at the University of New Hampshire. His show “Mind Games” has been flying around the college circuit since 2011.

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Paul has a new show, dubbed “Mind Games; Throwback Edition” which is entertaining audiences even more than before! Paul has taken things we loved from the past and brought them to the forefront of our minds again. Paul focuses on things we can all relate to for your childhood, as well as cultural references from the past that “only 90’s kids will remember”. This show is fun, fast-paced, and will surely bring students from all interest groups together for a night of laughs!

As with all of Paul’s shows, the show participants are hypnotized in the audience, next to their friends. Once the volunteers are selected, the audience gets remote controls, so THEY choose what happens in the show. This means that every show is unique, and the audience is only seeing the show they want to see!

Here is a sneak peek at the show! Click here

When looking for a college campus event, look no further than Neon Entertainer, Paul Ramsay. His shows will draw large crowds because no two shows are the same! Paul is the perfect way to kick-start any orientation or college campus event! Paul Ramsay brings you the cutting edge of hypnosis right to your campus. The students will never forget this show!

To book Paul Ramsay’s “Mind Games; Throwback Edition” or any other Neon Entertainment event, call us today! We have the perfect act for all your college campus events!


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