Games of Love | Programming for Around Valentine’s Day

Games of Love | Programming for Around Valentine’s Day

It’s the season of love across college campus’ everywhere! This time of year is the perfect time to book a fun college campus events! But with so many options out there, what is something that will draw a lot of students, as well as keep them socializing?  Neon Entertainment has four fun, interactive options for college campus events  to keep the campus community participating, engaged and entertained!

Love T’s

Having college campus wide events that students can interact with each other, and walk away with something new draw big crowds, every time! Love T’s is an interactive college campus program that lets students make custom graphic t shirts! You can make a custom shirt with your significant other, or your friends, with many phrases to choose from! You can even have each others names printed on the t’s! This college campus event is perfect for Valentine’s day, or any other day of the year!

Check out Love T’s here.


Bring back a little bit of everyone’s childhood by bringing create a creature to your college campus this Valentine’s Day! Giving bae a new stuffed animal is the perfect way to show how much you love them! Neon Entertainment provides everything you need to let students create one of 102 adorable plush creatures! They even have t-shirts that you can design, so these new creatures can go home with a little bit of campus flair! Create-a-Creature is the perfect event for Valentine’s Day, or a parent’s welcome weekend! Participants will leave with a huge smile, and a great reminder of  this college campus event!

Learn more about Create-a-Creature.

The Dating Game Show

A chance to win a date, AND $200 in cash? Couples and singles alike will flock to this campus event this Valentine’s Day. Neon Entertainment’s The Dating Game Show is sure to be a hit. In the first half of the show, couples answer questions about each other. Any couple is allowed to compete, and the more point they earn, the closer they are to winning some cash! The second half of the game focuses on singles looking for their perfect match! Solely based on their answers, the participants must choose who they would want to go on date with! And, the new couples get a cash prize as well! Full of good humor and funny prompts, this show will have everyone laughing!

See and example of the game here…The Dating Game Show


Give your students the information they need to have healthy, loving, and successful relationships with Dr. Isabell Springer’s LovEd. LovEd is a mix of sharing activities, Q&A, anonymous live-polling, and demonstrations that offer an immersive, supportive learning experience. This lecture provides education that empowers young adults to make wise choices, give them confidence, and the ability communicate with their significant other.

Learn more about LovEd, here.

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day on your campus! Neon Entertainment has all the answers when looking to book a fun college campus events! Call us today so we can help make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!  


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