Top 3 Reasons Why To Book a Relaxation Program for Your Campus

Top 3 Reasons Why To Book a Relaxation Program for Your Campus

Regardless of where you go to school, what your major is, how many activities you participate in, college life is stressful! Constantly feeding on new information, reading, studying for exams, writing papers, college is a full time job. It’s not for everyone, but you know, and should be proud of, how much work goes into getting that precious degree. All the hard work and dedication can leave you and your fellow students running ragged. One way to help eliminate all that stress is to book our complete Relaxation Program. Here’s 3 top reasons how the Relaxation Program can help eliminate stress from you and your fellow student’s already-full plate.

Breathe Easy

One thing that people often use to help others when their feeling stress or anxiety about college, is to “just breathe.” Easier said than done, right? One thing that is included in our complete Relaxation program is an oxygen bar. No, we aren’t talking about the hole in the wall downtown. An oxygen bar utilizes fresh oxygen and aromatherapy, which helps you destress in several ways. Fans of the treatment say it helps increase energy and alertness, headaches and sinus problems, in addition to relaxing the body and mind.

Get Aligned

Chi is energy. More specifically, chi is “the life giving, vital energy that unites mind, body and spirit.” Linked back to ancient Chinese philosophy, many believe that aligning your chi energy can significantly help you perform better in all walks of life. The Complete Relaxation Program provides special Chi Machines, which help to relieve stress by gently rocking your legs back and forth, while lying on your back. It aligns your spine, which helps you recover and relieves tension in the muscles in your legs. If you’ve never relaxed with a Chi Machine, you’ll feel the results immediately.

Work Out the Kinks

Who doesn’t love a great massage? Not much to explain here. Sometimes, when exams are looming, you’ve got 3 papers to write in the next 24 hours, and you were up all night with your friends, a massage is necessary. The complete Relaxation Program also includes fully functional massage chairs. You can enjoy a 15 minute massage and feel all that stress release from your neck, back, and legs.

The complete Relaxation program is available to book anywhere in the country. Neon Entertainment aims to provide colleges of all sizes with various programs and entertainment that is both awesome, and inclusive. For more information on booking the complete Relaxation Program with Neon, just give us a call or fill out our contact form!


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