Bring Virtual Reality to Your Campus With Neon

Bring Virtual Reality to Your Campus With Neon

VR has taken over our reality by storm! You may have seen someone at your mall trying on the VR goggles with their arms flaring as they explored Antarctica or even tried them on yourself. What’s so unique about VR? VR places the user inside an experience, instead of viewing it on a screen in front of them. Ready to take the transition from campus to exploring a 3D world? Virtual Reality will make your programming boarders limitless. Here are 6 great ways to use VR for your next program.Co-Host a Cultural Night with your dining services on campus and use Virtual Reality to provide a first hand, unique experience. You can explore places that coincide with different kinds of food in your cafeteria by using the VR Google Earth program. Enjoy Chinese food then walk through Shanghai, China’s largest city, fill your plate with a taste of Italy then fly over Florence and Tuscany, or try delicious baklava and walk through the cliff top towns of Santorini.

Host a tournament or sports themed VR program . Experience extreme sports in a non extreme atmosphere with VR. You can actually kayak, horseback ride or fly a helicopter. Get competitive with your roommate and play them in Paintball, Dodgeball, 3D Charades, Disc Golf and more!

Schedule VR on your campus during winter months and break the winter blues with an adventure – Enjoy true to life interactions with our programs like VR Zoom, Plank World or theBlu. Test your agility and walk across a plant high above land, or explore the ocean and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet!

Be your own Picasso and create with VR! Use your hands to build a snowman in a winter wonder land, paint with the VR three-dimensional tilt brush and create a masterpiece of 3D art with stars, light and fire or even fix a robot! You can also print your masterpiece out to hang in your dorm.

Scheduling your Relaxation Program for finals week? Add Virtual Reality for a “day at the beach” during the most stressful week of the semester! VR is a fun way to take you from a worried mind to a relaxed one! Explore different beaches, sit back and listen to the waves and seagulls for a few minutes before you get back to reality.

Plan a fun event around Halloween or The Walking Dead Series with the Virtual Reality Zombie Training Simulator. Are you ready for the Zombie apocalypse? VR has a fun twist on training and preparation!

Whether you’re participating or walking by, VR is guaranteed to be an eye catching program on your campus! Interested in hearing more details or booking Neon Entertainment’s Virtual Reality? Inquire here to add VR to your next program!


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