X Factor | Did You Know You Can Bring X-Games To Your School?

X Factor | Did You Know You Can Bring X-Games To Your School?

Neon Entertainment is known for bringing entertainment to colleges and universities around the country. What many students may not know, is with the help of Neon Entertainment, in conjunction with ASA Entertainment, you can have a full fledged action sports show right on campus! How cool would that be? Unlike most concerts or comedy shows that only run for a little more than an hour, if you have a whole day to plan, the Action Sports shows can go for up to 6 hours! The ASA College Tour allows you to customize your package to exactly what you want. Here are just a few things that Neon can bring to your campus event.


One of the coolest things about bringing the X-games style event to your campus is seeing some of the biggest names in action sports history in person. The ASA lineup is stacked with incredible skateboarding talent, but we don’t want to name names. Just kidding, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Paul Rodriguez and Bob Burnquist are just a few of the biggest names on the ASA circuit. They have a huge list of boarders, male and female, from ages 16-50, from all over the world. You can watch these stars on the halfpipe, or on the big air.


Another aspect of the ASA College Tour is the death defying, high flying action of freestyle motocross. You may have been shocked to see some of the stunts that these guys do on TV, but seeing it live and in person is truly mesmerizing. Again, the show you set up is fully customizable, so you can include or not include whatever you want. You’re going to want to include FMX. It is something that only a few people on this earth are talented and crazy enough to do, and you can bring it right to your school!


While BMX lacks the motor, it certainly doesn’t lack in excitement. Like FMX, all the BMX riders put their bodies on the line purely for the entertainment of their viewers. Once again, you may have seen BMX in videos, but when you watch it live, you get a different appreciation for the acrobatic element. This BMX can be used in conjunction with the halfpipe with skateboarding. You don’t need to worry about setting anything up or needing anything. The ASA circuit provides everything needed, as they tour around the country regularly.

You might still not believe us when we say we can bring the X-Games right to your school, but we most certainly can! The ASA College Tour hits campuses all over the United States, and you can customize it to your budget. If you’re looking to bring some serious action to your college, you won’t find anything more exciting than action sports. For more information on bringing the ASA College Tour to your school, just give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have. Remember, you’ll never forget this one!


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