A Hard Lesson In Reality TV…

A Hard Lesson In Reality TV…

You may have recently met Joseph Réohm at APCA Spring Northeast in Hershey, PA. Joseph showcased at this conference and prior to that, won APCA’s 2017 Magician of The Year award at APCA Nationals. However, did you know Joseph has been on 6 national television shows? It’s not always easy and glamorous (even when you have sneakers covered in swarovski crystals), to be on reality TV, and Joseph shares a tough lesson…

By Joseph Réohm
I’m super excited, after jumping through a plethora of hoops and overcoming every barrier and slamming the door on any stop that would get in my way, I’m FINALLY in Las Vegas filming the hit TV show “Penn and Teller: Fool Us”!!
I’ve got it all figured out in my head I know exactly what I want to communicate in my prepackage (the segment before my act that showcases my personality and let’s the viewers get to know me). I’ve got all my little one liners and jokes worked out!…

Reality producer off camera, “Hi thanks for being here. Why don’t we start with giving us your name.”
Me, “My name is Joseph Réohm, I’m 13 years old but I lived a rough life”
Producer, “that’s great Joseph. Can you do it on more time, but just Hi I’m Joseph Réohm I’m a magician illusionist”
Me, “Yeah of course. Hi I’m Joseph Réohm. I’m a magician illusionist”
Producer, “and where are you from?”
Me, “I’m originally from Seattle Washington where I invented coffee, but as soon as I realized that was just another dead-end business I took on magic.”
Producer, “ok. Let’s just do, I’m from Seattle, but now I call Hollywood my home”
Me, “I’m from Seattle, WA but now I call Hollywood my home.
Producer, “PERFECT, and a little about your background?”
Me, “My parents were actually really famous, so I’m really trying to make a name for myself now. Like I don’t want to be known as Marry Poppins and Ron Weasley’s son anymore.”
Producer (with a strait face), “Ok Joseph, so we’re filming 65 magicians, 60 of them will be aired and all 65 magicians are “funny”. I actually think your jokes are hilarious and I think the most original, but you have a movie that you’re editing in your head and I have a movie I’m editing in mine. The one that’s going to air is the one that’s in my head. Until you’re an Executive Producer of your own show, you won’t have any real creative control. So we’re not going to make yours humorous, but I promise to make you look good and we actually think you’re quite brilliant or we wouldn’t have you here.”
I learned a quick hard lesson on creative control in TV land. I’ve now been on 6 national television shows and currently working on my own. Stay tuned 😉

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