5 Reasons Spoken Word Artists Can Make Your Next College Event Better

5 Reasons Spoken Word Artists Can Make Your Next College Event Better

By Kelsey Pyse

April is National Poetry Month

Did you know that April is national poetry month? This is a time to explore the amazing talent that is spoken word. Poetry isn’t just for April though; it’s a great addition to any event including orientations, Spring Fest, open mic night and more! Open your mind to new possibilities and discover the art of poetry.

Poetry Speaks to Everyone in Different Ways

We’ve all hade to write some form of poetry when in school therefore we know the basics, but have you looked at poetry lately? The art of the spoken word is brought to life through these amazing artists. Poets are people who know exactly what we’re feeling even if we don’t say it. They understand our emotions and bring them to the surface with every elegant word they say. Being in the midsts of a poet and hearing their words is mind-boggling. They speak every word like it’s the last word they’ll ever say. Their motivational stories cause you to want to change the world. Stories of suffering, heartbreak, triumphs are things we’ve all gone through. Poets relate to you on the deepest levels, even ones we might not want to express. They bring your inner most thoughts to life through the beautiful are of poetry. However the art of the spoken word relates to you, you will be inspired and changed because of it.

A Break from your Hectic Life 

Today people aren’t seeing poetry through books, however they see it though the Internet and social media. More than 116,000 people today are now subscribing to the Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day series. This allows subscribers to read famous works along with unpublished poems. With a growing number of people reading poetry, it’s opening up a whole new world to people of all ages. Poetry is not only a way to escape from your day-to-day life, but also transport you to a new place where you can do and be whomever you want. Poetry is a strong forum that is making a comeback into peoples daily lives.

Poetry Matters

Some people might think that poetry is just something that you have to participate in when you’re young, however that’s not the case anymore. Poetry is a way that individuals express themselves. Poetry today is much more than what it seems. It’s a way for someone to spark new ideas and allow a listener to find a deeper understanding of what they are really trying to say. Poetry also lets you see the story from the poet’s shoes. This allows the spectators to see themselves in the poet’s struggles, and really get the chance to understand them. Poets use words to tell other people’s stories through their personal experiences. Poetry has a way of becoming so simplistic and forming a beauty that can’t be captured in any other way than through the spoken word. The spoken word can be the most powerful tool that combined with a poet can shape an individuals way of thinking. Their ideas can be taken in different ways, yet all lead to a movement of social change.

Spoken word on Campus

Having the ability to read and write the craft of poetry has been known to sharpen a person’s observational skills along with enhance the ability of critical thinking. This allows the person to open up their mind to a new horizon and see what else is our there. This is great for College campuses because college is all about opening your mind to new possibilities and trying new things. Having the lost art of poetry on your campus is a great way to let students explore new options and tap into their creative side. Our poets will not only bring a new light onto your poetry club meeting and college orientations but also guide students through a spoken word workshop. Students will work hand in hand with the artist themselves to create a work of art. They are for sure events for all ages and going to make a memorable night for everyone in attendance. Our poets open up the barriers on touchy subjects and give you an outside point of view.

Our Spoken Word artists are nationally known Grand Slam Poets, have delivered Ted Talks, and are deeply passionate about their heritage. Neon Entertainment brings you a roster full of jaw dropping talent that’s a must have at your campus this year. Artists like G Yamazawa who has won countless awards for his work dealing with the topic of his heritage. Elizabeth Acevedo who’s Dominican heritage TED Talks went viral and her poetry manuscript that was published in 2016. Along with Lacey Roop with three self-published chapter books and the highest selling author of Timber Mouse publishing with her full-length books of poetry that range from topics of gender inclusiveness to magical realism. Take a look at our full roster of unique spoken word artists.


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