5 Fun Marketing Tips for a Cold Day

5 Fun Marketing Tips for a Cold Day

1. Use food coloring to write hashtags, your organization’s meeting information, social media handles, your event details etc. Choose the best location, like a popular walking route, campus quad or outside of the dorms. Some places may even sell snow spray paint specifically made to write in the snow! Then Snap Chat, Insta-story, post on Facebook so the word spreads quickly!

2. Have a winter flash mob snow ball fight! Give your club members a call and meeting spot. Everyone yell out a “magic word,” drop your bookbags and start throwing snowballs! Remember: not everyone loves participating so make sure you are only aiming for each other and those who voluntarily joined. Have someone film this on Facebook or Instagram Live so it creates advertisement for your organization! You could even create an event on Facebook inviting everyone to participate in one giant snowball fight! Take it even further and create a hashtag; #SABSnowWar2017 #GiantSnowGlobe #CABSnowBattle #OhSnowYouDidnt

3. Ask everyone to post their best WINTER selfie, choose the top 3 and give them a prize at your next member meeting!

4. Create a flyer for your next event, member meeting or social media accounts. Staple the flyer onto a packet of Hot Chocolate! Make about 50 of these and spread throughout your student union on tables, chairs, etc.

5. Think Spring and ask everyone to post their Spring Event ideas using a hash tag – collect the results and create an awesome spring event to end the spring semester! Sometimes asking for ideas from others or creating a survey opens options and ideas you haven’t thought of!