A Bullseye For Your Next Event | 5 Reasons To Try Archery Tag

A Bullseye For Your Next Event | 5 Reasons To Try Archery Tag

Have you heard of Archery Tag yet? One of the hottest trending activities in America today molds together the combative nature of paintball with the team-first, gym class heroism of dodgeball. Archery Tag has come on all over the country, with some recreational activity centers offering opportunities to play at their facility. Neon Entertainment can deliver everything you need to play archery tag, directly to you! You won’t need to pay to use someone else’s space, we will just come to you! If you have a college event or corporate team building event planned, and can’t figure out what type of activity to plan, here are 5 reasons why Archery tag might be the perfect choice!

Relive Your Favorite Film or TV Show

Robin Hood, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart. Any of your favorite flicks can be revived with the adrenaline rush of arrow tag. Are you the ultimate archer? Arrow tag gives you the opportunity to prove to your coworkers or colleagues that you are!

Fun For All Ages

Regardless of age, Arrow Tag is a thrill for anyone to play. Unlike paintball, airsoft, or other weaponry-led activities, arrow tag won’t leave any welts. It’s painless, and fun for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of archers. Whatever style or game you’d want to play, you can play. Typical dodgeball style, target practice, capture the flag, let your imagination run wild! The more strategy and teamwork the better!

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Great for Large Groups

Neon Entertainment is in the business of providing fun for large groups of people. Whether it be a college event, church group, corporate event, or anything else, Archery Tag can be a wonderful time for everyone. What better way to settle a workplace dispute? What better way to join together and build a closer, more functional team? Large groups are perfect for archery tag, the more the merrier! For large events, you could even set up a team tournament!

Guaranteed Workout

Dodge, dip, duck, dive and…dodge! Just as Patches O’Houlihan stated in the 5 D’s of Dodgeball, Arrow tag is a dynamic activity that requires a lot of physical activity. You’ll be sweating alongside your teammates, and endurance is certainly part of the game. Neon will provide all the tools you need for a fun, fair, and phenomenal experience!

Play Anywhere

You really don’t need a whole lot of room to play the game. As long as you have about 40 feet of room, you can play! Play indoors within a gymnasium or large room, or take it outdoors and play at the company picnic. You can play with up to 8 players to each side, and allow at least 70 people to play in an hour!

If you are planning an event, whether you’re a college student or employee looking for ideas, we strongly consider trying archery tag. Neon Entertainment can bring the party right to you, providing archery tag arrows, equipment, barricades, protective equiment, and anything else you need! If you are interested in learning more about renting arrow tag from Neon Entertainment, please give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, and help you plan on an awesome time!