5 Final’s Week Study Tips

5 Final’s Week Study Tips

Neon Entertainment’s study tips will help you get through your campus or university’s final’s week! Surviving final’s week is tough, but with these five final’s week tips, you”ll be sure to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

1. Take Facebook and Instagram Apps off your phone for the week – I know, I can’t believe I just said that either, BUT eliminating the easy distractions, like time line scrolling that can lead to hours of swiping your thumb, will HELP! Plus how good would it feel to log in at the end of the week and check your timeline for days!?

2. Set Goals and Reward Your Self – Study for 25 minutes, check your phone for 5 minutes. Study for an hour, watch your 30 minute tv show. Use up your Dine Dollars and buy yourself final’s¬†snacks and treats – Read a page, eat a piece of candy! Small goals can help you stay focused and driven.

3. Study Squad – Study with friends, co workers, or family members! Having a #StudySquad creates conversation on the topics or awareness of facts, that you may not have seen or heard yourself. Compare notes, popcorn read, quiz each¬†other and encourage one another. You can even take a squad pic for Instagram but don’t wander off on your timeline!

4. Teach a Pretend Audience – Or even use Facebook Live! – This technique helps you realize what you really remember! Stand up, place your notes away from you for a reference and talk out loud about each topic. You can even use flashcards to give yourself a word, then define and explain it to your “audience.”

5. Have an Organized Work Space – Whether your place to study is in your dorm room or at the Library, make the place yours! Use Post Its, a white board, flash cards and organize your exams in your planner. Make it comfortable, but not too cozy!

Good luck with your Final Exams!