Virtual Pride Bingo

Virtual Pride Bingo

Pride Bingo is a new twist on our popular Playlist Bingo. It’s all the great elements of Playlist Bingo themed to the LGBTQ+ community. It’s all the same Bingo rules except with Pride Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played. All the songs are Artists embraced by the LGBTQ community and also features songs from Broadway Musicals embraced by the community.  Participants identify who sings the songs and marks it off on their pride bingo card! The event is hosted by two comedic hosts, Daniel Webb and Renee Santos.

Daniel Webb famously garnered international attention cracking gay jokes with President Barack Obama, and most recently became a contributor for FUNNY OR DIE! Daniel was a finalist in the Funniest Person In Austin competition (2016), a two-time semi-finalist (2014/2015), and a finalist for the NBC StandUp Finale (2016).

Renee Santos burst onto the Stand Up comedy scene 8 years ago in her first National Television debut on Showtime Network’s “Pride Comedy Jam”.  The Network touts, “a hip and hilarious show with a great ensemble of up and coming diverse comics, including the witty anecdotes of Latina Lesbian comic Renee Santos.” In the fall of 2018, her first One-Hour Comedy Album “Outside the Box” hit iTunes, Amazon, and anywhere you can buy Comedy or Music. In early October of 2019, Her Stand-Up Comedy Special “Outside the Box” was picked up by AmazonPRIME.

All your participants need is their phone and a laptop or tablet and they are ready to play!  We provide them a customized Pride Bingo card to have on their phone and then they watch a live stream of our professional comedian hosts banter as our game show host plays the songs for Pride Bingo!

Participants mark off their played artists and start rooting for what they need to hit for a winner!  When their winning combination appears, they yell “Pride Bingo,” and wait for the host to check their card to declare them a winner.  Every Pride Bingo event includes cash prizes of $200!  Guaranteed!  There are multiple Pride Bingo games played in each game so it gives participants multiple chances to win the cash prizes!  As soon as the game concludes all of the winners have their prize money sent directly to their Venmo or PayPal accounts!

We will design a customized web page just for your school with all of the information needed about the game including the login information and you send out that 1 link to your community and everyone is good to go!

During the game, the participants have the ability to interact with the hosts.  They are able to ask the hosts any questions they may have in real-time.  We are also available at any time before the show to answer any questions anyone may have.

The show normally lasts 60 – 70 minutes but can be longer if you would like.  Your organization will love Pride Bingo!!!

How does this work?

Participants log on to a video feed using their computer or tablet to watch our professional comedian host the game show on their screen. The show lasts between 60-70 minutes and the only person the participants will see is the host.

As soon as the show is booked, we will send you the links to send out to your audience, and we will send the ‘cash prize’ payment directly after the show. If your school/organization is not allowed to give out cash prizes that’s no problem at all. We can do send digital gift cards instead of cash.


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Virtual Pride Bingo

“This event was so much fun! I talked to the students and they loved it as well!”

— Residence Life Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown