Virtual Original Butt Sketch

Virtual Original Butt Sketch

Krandel Lee Newton, an engineer-turned artist, developed the Original Butt Sketch concept in Dallas’ Historic West End in 1987. The sketches became a big hit and Newton and his artists received offers to be flown around the country to make special appearances at colleges, trade shows, conventions, parties and private receptions. 

Now, you can get your sketch done virtually. Hosting a Virtual Butt Sketch is as easy as sharing a link to your participants. Guests will be able to receive their sketch in their email once it complete. Making it easy for them to share it on any of their social network platforms.  

Now you can be one of the over 250,000 people have gotten their backsides drawn. Although the “Butt Sketch World Tour” concept was initially a little tongue in cheek, most major U.S. cities, parts of Canada and Europe has experienced the World Tour. The artists have sketched the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Alex Trebek, Leeza Gibbons, John Goodman, Danny Glover and Vanessa Williams. Also sports luminaries Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Joe Theismann and Johnny Bench have had their backsides captured. The Original Butt Sketch¨ has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Parade and Maxim magazines. Also seen on TV’s America’s Funniest People; CNN; World News Tonight; Headline News; and Just For The Record (Australia).

Original Butt Sketch

“[The Original Butt Sketch Artist] is always a pleasure. She has an extremely approachable aura about her, and I’m constantly amazed how much the students open up to her as if they’ve known her for years.”

— Corey Miller, University of Alaska – Anchorage

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