Virtual Emotional Engagement In A Distanced World

Virtual Emotional Engagement In A Distanced World

Marisa Liza Pell, M.A. has been inspiring groups, universities, and corporations for close to twenty years with emotional engagement as a clear focus. As an International Business Consultant, Radio Show Host, and Motivational Speaker, Marisa Liza Pell has taken both small businesses to greater heights as well as emerging entrepreneurs. Her articles have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and expertise featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS and on major market radio morning drive programs.

Just as brands are seeking to connect with their fan base through emotional connection during this crisis, universities and colleges are scrambling to implement both technology and innovative ways to stay connected to students and faculty. If this isn’t challenging enough, ways to inspire students to continue learning and completing coursework have to be created.

For administrators, professors and student activities councils, this can all be very overwhelming, while systems are being put into place to maintain continuity.

In this seminar, built for faculty and student leadership, Marisa will cover the following topics:

  • Elements Of Emotional Engagement
  • Virtual Platforms: Identification & Examples
  • Creating Community
  • Virtual Student Leadership Platforms
  • Multi Level Marketing and Promotion
  • Leading Community to Action
  • Ways to Inspire and Motivate For Stay At Home Coursework
  • Inspiring Interactivity

Takeaways from this seminar:

  • Learn how to present yourself on a virtual platform for maximum engagement.
  • Learn about which topics will convert to higher engagement and which topics flop.
  • Gain more in depth knowledge of LIVE social media platforms and how to set up a broadcast in detail.
  • Learn how to LEAD your audience to complete the action steps that will help you reach your goals.
  • Success of this program will be measured in the ability to be inspired to create content that is engaging, purpose driven, and most importantly enjoyable!

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Marisa Liza Pell

“The event went well! The show was more intimate than expected, however this allowed the guests the opportunity for a more personalized reading and the feedback has been positive. Marisa [Liza Pell] was great to work with…easy to communicate with and very flexible. Thank you so much for your help…”

— University of Wyoming