Team-Building in a Brave New World

Team-Building in a Brave New World

If you could build your own team, one that is engaged, loyal to leadership, devoted to the company, intelligent, affable, and ambitious—resulting with serious business mixed with a sense of humor by which team members can occasionally laugh at themselves—while focused on the goal, what would you do?

How will this “team for a new world” communicate most effectively with one another and with clients?  What are the best techniques when you—and they with clients—may be making only virtual eye contact? How do you lead your team when they are not looking you in the eye, but are looking at your image on a screen.

What Mike offers is a combination of techniques that have stood the test of time viewed in a brave new world where we may not see our team members in person.  There will always be businesses—that is what makes a solid society, but the way we do business already has been drastically changed—and many of your leadership personnel, as well as the “troops,” may no longer interface personally.

Mike’s Team-Bonding techniques have stood the test of time, but have been refocused to be effective in the new way business is being conducted……..leading to more open communication between and among team members and between team members and clients.

Let’s be realistic and admit that business is no longer what it was—and had been for generations. Thus, it is imperative for each member of our team learns to own his or her role yet be able to interface with co-workers (as well as clients) in various medium–telephone, text, email, and, most important, virtual platforms.

With Mike’s Brave New Virtual World techniques, you will learn new ways to celebrate qualities that are both similar and different, build genuine relationships, and create even more solid affiliations which can lead to clarified results for each member of the team as well as lasting connections with clients—all leading to record-breaking results for the organization.

Contact Neon and join the New Way of Working with co-workers, management, and clients—all leading to the best outcome for all.

Mike Fritz

“Mike keeps you engaged…has great content…out of the roof energy and is a wealth of information”

— Sjohonton Fanner, Student Activities Coordinator, Vernon College


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