Speaker Sneha Mandala

Sneha Mandala

Most organizations’ leaders believe more hours produce better results. But studies show the opposite: hustle culture can cause burnout and reduce productivity by 68% (Cornerstone). What if struggle, hard work, and burnout aren’t the answers to great results in the long run?

This fun, energizing, and interactive session discusses two factors that reduce burnout in your employees and create the best conditions for them to get into a ‘flow state’. Through real life corporate examples, leaders will learn about how to make their employees’ work feel effortless, natural, and free-flowing; where they are ‘being’ and not ‘doing’. 

According to global research (Flow Genome Project), flow states lead to peak performance. Peak performing employees help build peak performing teams, allowing your organization to produce better results, faster.

In this age of “quiet quitting” and “the great resignation,” you need a better way to increase performance in your employees without leading to exhaustion and burnout.

Learning Outcomes

  1.  Explore the problem: Identify the root causes of why employees are not as engaged, productive, and happy as they should be.
  2.  Empower your employees: Change the way you get results from your team by getting rid of the “hustle culture” and instead enabling a “flow state” for your employees. 
  3.  Elevate your leadership: Develop a 2-step framework to create and sustain an effortless state at work so your team can go from a bunch of disconnected individuals to an engaged powerhouse!


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