Mystery Themed Escape Rooms

The definition of “mysterious” is something that is not known or understood and difficult to explain. The escape rooms in this series do not disappoint. From clues that seem to lead you in a complete opposite direction from where you think they should lead you to puzzles that leave you scratching your head, the mystery escape rooms do all come around once key items are located and deciphered.

You and four of your teammates have 15 minutes to solve the mystery.  Choose 1 or 2 rooms from this theme category or combine them with our other interactive escape room themes and we will provide you a great selection of rooms according to availability. Plus! We will offer your guests a ‘virtual’ experience that they can play while waiting for their escape room to begin.

Plus! An Online Scavenger Hunt is included as part of the escape room experience.

Access to Wi-Fi
2-6 Volunteers
3-5 Tables
2-6 Chairs

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Secret Society
Time Traveler

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