Murder Mystery

Join us Tuesday, August 8th, 2020 at 12:00 Noon PST for a killer Murder Mystery Party. You can log on starting at 11:30AM PST the day of the event to solve the Mystery.

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Password: 791600

Whoa, dudes. What a head rush. I’ve never seen a bus blow up
before. At least, you know, not while I was sober. Sorry to be a
drag, but I’m afraid I have some real uncool news for you. The
hippest rock singer of the 1960’s, just got herself a heavy dose of
instant karma. She was on that ballistic bus man, and I know you
all must be in deep shock and emotional denial, but before you
start to meditate on your transcendence to a higher plane, there
are some things we need to rap about. The real fuzz will be here
soon, so I suggest we hang loose and work together. Peace baby!