Renee Santos Comedy Album: Outside the Box

Renée Santos: Outside the Box

Now Available on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.


renee santos comedy album

Renée Santos launched her debut comedy album on October 5, 2018 and is now available anywhere you can buy music. The 1-hour album reveals Renee’s natural funny-bone and laugh-out-loud humor.

Learn more about Renée’s Comedy Show and Booking Information here.

Renee Santos

“She [Renee Santos] was super easy to work with & the students had a great time”

— Jennifer Evans, Lebanon Valley College


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The Dirty Vegan

“Renée Santos new comedy album, Outside the Box, was really delightful to listen to. Her jokes are funny and relatable, much of them being societal in subject and stuff most of us are like, “yeah, I totally get it.” Even her political stuff was great. I laughed out loud…” Read More