Patient Zero – Episode II

Patient Zero-Episode II

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The virus has mutated

We thought we had it under control.  We got the cure out there and we had stopped it in its tracks in about 80% of the infected areas — but then something happened.  Dr. Scaramouch, patient zero, was never captured.  He kept getting stronger and kept on infecting more and more people.  A new strain has mutated and we can’t slow or stop the outbreak unless we can find his blood sample and reverse engineer it.  You will need to enter the original facility where the accident occurred so expect it to be a wreck.  After all, its where the apocalypse began.

Hopefully, with your help, it will be where the apocalypse ends as well.


  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • 3 outlets per room
  • Approximately 225 square feet (15×15 foot room is perfect)




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