Party S.M.A.R.T.

Party S.M.A.R.T.

Jake White started throwing house parties on his campus without any drugs or alcohol. After just one semester, he had hundreds of students attending, big-name sponsors, and media coverage across the nation.

“Vive” means “to live” in 7 different languages. To simplify, we want to keep students alive—not just surviving, but truly living their best lives!

Today, Vive18 helps save student lives from addiction (and boredom) with relevant, engaging, high-energy alcohol and drug education programs.

Core Concepts:
-Science of Drugs, Brain & Body
-Belonging & Inclusion
-Bystander Intervention
-Mental Health & Coping Skills

Why You’ll Love Vive18:

Their dynamic presentations help students realize they can make friends, have fun, and feel good without using substances, turning the typical “just say no” into a positive, actionable “just say YES” message!

Students leave with a sense of ownership of their future and some tools to protect it, whether they use alcohol & drugs or not.

Students want to feel accepted, protect their mental health, and make a difference in the world… and Vive18 shows that you can do ALL this in college. We know that higher ed is a chance to get involved, build your future, and make a difference… but it can be viewed as a time for risky decisions too.

Our speakers challenge social norms while giving practical tools to help your students get everything they want out of their social life and the university
experience. Most importantly, it’s an inclusive message for
students from all types of backgrounds to relate to.

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Their speakers are the perfect fit for orientation, welcome week or any alcohol & drug education programming.

— UNC Ashville