New Student Engagement with Mike Fritz

New Student Engagement

presented by Mike Fritz

[NOTE: This is a perfect program if your campus is under a distancing protocol]
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Orientation will most likely be the most important new student orientation in history when it comes to student engagement and retention.

How do you engage students when they aren’t even on campus?

How do you capture their attention when you’re never in front of them?

How do you inform them of the club and organization opportunities your campus offers?

How do you educate them on what clubs and organizations even are, much less how valuable they are to the collegiate experience?

If we can’t engage students in person, how are we going to create loyalty to your college and not simply transfer?

How are we going to create a sense of community when students aren’t on campus?

How are students going to connect with people, build life long friendships, and feel like they belong?

These are just a few of the questions this orientation answers.  It provides practical tips on engaging incoming students when they aren’t on campus, you can’t simply invite them to an informational meeting but you still want to provide the amazing collegiate experience students love so much.

The truth is if we don’t capture students’ attention there will be no engagement.  If there is no engagement there will be no community.  If there is no community there will be no loyalty and if there is no loyalty there will be no retention.  This is why the 2020 new student orientation is one of the most important orientations in history.

If we are unable to capture attention, engage our students, and give them a place to belong this could be the first time in history students move away to college and don’t have the ability to build friendships and community.  The number of students feeling alone could skyrocket if we don’t take drastic measures to engage them from the start.

In this virtual orientation, Mike helps new students understand why getting engaged virtually is so important, how to build meaningful relationships with classmates and fellow leaders and how to maximize your collegiate experience even if you can’t physically be on campus.

Traditionally only 10% of first-year students will attend a non-classroom related event.  But what will your 2020-2021 engagement look like in the midst of these unprecedented times?  This user-friendly, virtual program will create a meaningful experience while not on campus and make sure you are engaging students no matter what this upcoming school year brings.

In order to make sure student engagement increases even in the midst of uncertainty, Mike created this virtual program that is engaging, funny, connect with your students and helps them find a place to belong even when they’re not on campus.

When you enroll your students in this program Mike will virtually teach 5 times and give your students the option of which one they attend and make sure the students not on your campus will have an engaging,  meaningful and life-changing experience whether they are off-campus, on-campus or any mixture of the two.

This virtual orientation teaches the 5 secrets to get the most out of your college experience while giving them the option to engage in the chat menu throughout the entire program.  They are going to get to interact with Mike in real-time so he can answer specific questions and position students to succeed.

This program is positioned and priced to be a great choice for your summer or fall orientation.  It’s unlike any other program that exists in the market.  This is the program that creates a meaningful and virtual experience for your students that increases student retention.

Learning Objectives:

(1) Students will be able to identify the single greatest step in getting engaged while not on campus and why it’s so important.

(2) Students will be able to identify their greatest growth opportunity in the upcoming school year.

(3) Students will understand why being intentional about building connections and relationships is more important now than ever.

(4) Students will be able to articulate the value of clubs and organizations and why they should get involved in one right from the start of their collegiate experience.

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Mike Fritz

“Mike [Fritz] was fantastic as always! Our students really enjoy him, and he’s so wonderful to work with. We are so happy he was willing to come in-person. Also glad that we’ve created a good relationship with him and plan to have him on campus again in the future.”

— Kate, Treasure Valley Community College