Nicole Nelson

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Nicole Nelson brings a soulful rock explosion to the stage. Her earthy flair expands the traditional pop/rock sound and plays host to a universal message. “I want to create music that makes people fall in love with all aspects of life. Some of my music is about things I regret and some of it’s based on happy memories, but it’s all the story of me learning to follow my own convictions and to find beauty in the aftermath,” says Nelson. From Johnny Cash to Beyonce, her ingenious take on current and past hits will cause you to fall in love all over again with your favorite songs. Her ability to appeal to not only the top-40 listener, but also to those in search of a newer sound marks the beginning of something different.

Even at an early age, Nelson’s love of music was apparent. Studying piano and vocal technique as a child, she eventually learned to play the ukelele, guitar, and drums. Nelson began seriously songwriting in High School. She remembers, “I would come home from school with song ideas all over my math notes and would write all night. It was all I thought about.” It became an obsession that follows her to this day. After studying Commercial Music at Belmont University, Nelson spent time in LA as a contestant on the NBC hit show The Voice. She went on to be awarded Video of the Day by Beat100 for her YouTube cover of John Legend’s All Of Me, and to be one of the most sought-after acts of the APCA Northeast booking conference.
Nelson released her full EP, Howling at the Moon, on March 10th, 2015 and has since received rave reviews. According to popular music blog, Indie Band Guru, “It seems as if the emotion comes right through the speakers to pull you closer to this rising star.” Described as the musical love child of Grace Potter and ZZ Ward, Nelson is bound to be a refreshing twist to pop radio listeners everywhere. You can hear her on local radio stations across the country or see her live on her nation-wide tour. In the words of AMB Magazine, “Nicole Nelson is surely an artist to look out for.”

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