Murder Mystery

Have a killer event that your guests will die for…

Old-fashioned fun abounds when Neon Entertainment presents a memorable evening of warm-hearted hospitality and cold-blooded murderous mayhem.

The suspense begins upon arrival, with professional actors (or student volunteers) mingling incognito with the guests. As the evening progresses, the diabolical plot thickens. Shameful secrets, suspects and motives emerge; ominous red herrings confound; and no one is above suspicion.

The guest, (or guests), who collects the clues and solves the mystery, will win the prize.

We invite you to join us for a hysterical evening of deadly dining and perilous surprises. It would surely be a crime to miss it.

Bring your friends. Bring your alibis. We know people will be dying to attend!

Murder Mystery

“Thank you so much for putting on an awesome show…. I have heard nothing but great things since the show.”

— Mount St. Mary’s University

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Contract Rider

Choose your murder mystery from a variety of themes! We also provide a full cast or try our traveling mysteries. For the traveling mysteries, our acting coach trains 6-8 volunteers to be the suspects in the mystery. The coach then stays on and runs the mystery, portraying the detective.

Mysteries are unscripted. Suspects receive booklets with accusations and secrets. Throughout the night, they will receive several of these, which will help guests solve the murder and gives everyone opportunities for blackmail and scheming!