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Our talented roster of Hypnotists, Mentalists, Mediums, and Magicians explore and challenge audiences thoughts of paranormal experiences that have no scientific explanation. Highly experienced entertainers captivate audiences with mind blowing illusions and deception. Our large variety of professionals have performed for college campuses, corporate events, and mainstage audiences such as America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Our performers hypnotize volunteers, mesmerize, and connect audiences together, to form a closer bond of employee’s and student bodies. Universities and corporate companies book Hypnotists & Magicians for multiple occasions as the performers leave audiences craving another magical performance because of all the unforgettable memories created.

Hypnotists & Magicians are ideal for welcoming incoming Freshman, parent weekend, holiday events, or entertaining students on late night campus events. It is a fact that college students love to be hypnotised. College comedy hypnotist mesmerize audiences and hypnotize crowds with their elaborate, exclusive, and memorizable performance. A goal of our performers is to appeal to broad and diverse audiences!

The stage Hypnotists & Magicians we provide, innovate and evolve their interactive shows so Neon Entertainment can maintain our reputation as entertainment industry leaders and provide audiences with trending and relevant topics. At Neon we proudly celebrate twenty five years of promoting entertainers and being a successful college and corporate, entertainment and talent booking agency.

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