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Did you ever feel alone or like you didn’t matter? Did you ever wonder why somebody didn’t do something about that then have that realization that YOU are somebody well after the fact? Or did you ever lose sight of your own personal journey and real life stuff because you got lost in a bogus reality and society built on being perfect, completely flawless and pleasing others? Sometimes we miss the inevitable truth that we all have a story, a purpose and the ability to touch someone’s life. Whether you’re a homeless man living on the streets, a middle class college student building his or her future or a celebrity looking completely perfect on the red carpet, we should all have the chance to be ourselves without the fear of being judged by others. Sometimes when we meet strangers we immediately judge them by their looks, demeanor, sexuality and manners and without even knowing them, we totally ignore any possibility that the person may have challenges or may have contributed positively to mankind. What we don’t realize is that we have the power to provide hope to one person through a smile, a good deed or a kind word and that positive action has the possibility to be recycled from one person to another and be paid forward. The other thing we don’t realize is that in anything and everything we go through, we are not alone. Every one has a story filled with ups and downs; good and bad and although we are all unique and different, we all have some significant things in common; a story, a worth and a hope.

In a world filled with so many challenges that include Bullying, Stress, Suicide, Divorce, Questioning Sexuality, Addiction, Negative Coping and Mental Illness, it seems some people are afraid to bring light to these things due to fear of embarrassment, judgment and feeling alone. But that’s starting to change because people like 25-year-old author and speaker Melissa Ann Hopely are starting a bold conversation that no matter who you are or what you do, you matter and are never alone. Melissa has been featured on numerous T.V and radio stations, shows and programs such as an NBC special on Bullying, FM Station Q102, the CW’s “Speak Up” and NPR’s WHYY Philadelphia station. Melissa provides a funny and inspiring audio/visual show that illustrates her personal journey and introduces the resilient stories of many amazing and interesting people she has met along her way. The audience will be able to interact and relate to Melissa’s positive, inspiring and witty message that will leave them feeling hopeful and knowing they are not alone in anything they face. The audience will also learn there are ways to cope positively, that it’s okay to ask for help and support and that no one should be judged for being different because we all are unique and awesome in so many ways.

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