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Legally Homeless

Born in Kuwait, Mohammed Amer had to flee his birth country at the age of nine during the Gulf War.  His family settled in Houston, Texas, USA. Over the years, Mo as he is better known, has flourished and perfected his art and his message that laughter crosses all boundaries.  “Listen…Muslim Moms, Dads and Uncles are funny too!!” Mo says.

When only nineteen, he was the first Arab American refugee to perform overseas for U.S. and coalition troops. In 2004, he was one of twelve selected nationally to perform at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and he has had the honor of being the first comedian to perform at the American University of Cairo belongs to Mo.

Mohammed himself says, “My biggest intention when starting standup was to take the hardships of being a stateless refugee and turn it into a message that would raise awareness.” In further efforts to accomplish this goal, Mohammed has begun production on his one-man show “Legally Homeless-Trials of a Palestinian Comedian.”  The show debuted in front of 5000 fans at Olympic Square in Sydney, Australia.  A world tour of his one-man show is currently in the works.


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