Lecture Break The Chain

Break The Chain

Award Winning Documentary

Can you recognize a human trafficking victim within your school or community?

Human trafficking may seem like a distant problem, with film’s such as ‘Taken’ representing the the issue within our modern media.  Truth is, this highly sensationalized issue is occurring everywhere around us within the United States, affecting numerous populations of people and bringing in an approximate $32 billion dollars a year – making it the second largest criminal enterprise next to drug trafficking.  So, how do these victims walk among us everyday without anyone noticing?

‘Break the Chain’ is an enlightening program that breaks down the complex issue of human trafficking and offers exclusive insight via expert testimonial and survivor stories.  The program includes a screening of the award-winning documentary film ‘Break the Chain’ followed by an interactive lecture and Q&A with filmmaker/human rights activist, Laura E. Swanson.

Laura has worked with numerous researchers, law enforcement officers, task force agencies, non-profits, survivors and shelter homes to learn about the issue of human trafficking and create an entertaining and highly educational platform for the cause.  Audiences of this program will be challenged to rethink common human trafficking beliefs and to confront their role within the chain of this extremely profitable business.  Faculty and students will walk away with a better understanding of how human trafficking hides within our world, and how to recognize and report a suspected case.

Become a catalyst for change and help raise awareness for this global issue by empowering your faculty and students to break the chain of human trafficking within your school!

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About the Film:
Break the Chain is an award-winning documentary that addresses the often “hidden-in-plain-sight” issue of Human Trafficking within Michigan communities and the United States.  The film chronicles two survivors of Human Trafficking – providing a detailed look at how trafficking goes unnoticed within our backyards. Kwami and Debbie were enslaved and exploited as children for numerous years within the US before anyone took notice. Both survivors of sex and labor trafficking recount their experiences with a trafficker who promised them a better life.  Accompanying their stories of abuse and survival are interviews with those actively working to raise awareness and create creative solutions to combat this hidden global issue. The film strays from the traditional sensationalized ways of exploring human trafficking issues and helps us learn that we are all connected to this billion dollar industry, and we have the power to change lives by choosing how we consume our information, what we support, and ultimately, how we break the chain.