Jon Wayes

jon wayes

Award-Winning Hypnotist Jon Wayes presents Cliché. One of the only Hypnosis shows that opens by providing skeptics their own unique experience, before moving onto an hour of new-age material. From removing someone’s ability to read to incorporating his martial arts uniform & letting the audience steer the show via YouTube, Jon Wayes delivers anything other than the cliché hypnosis you’d expect!

Appearing on WCIU for hypnotizing producer Rodney Spencer during America’s Got Talent & winning “Best Live Performer” by Indiana’s Circus of Art, Jon Wayes is one of the youngest and most innovative Hypnotists on the market.

Jon has become the annual entertainer for various venues by organizers’ choice. Due to the immense value he continuously provides, it’s not uncommon for Jon to be booked a least at year in advance.

Looking like he belongs on your campus, Jon Wayes comes from a theater background and is able to effortlessly improv when a routine goes off script as well as connect to the mentality & humor that is your student body. Jon prides himself on his ability to psychologically play with your audience while ensuring that no one person feels embarrassed by their experience. It’s when volunteers run with an idea Jon presents, that your audience will experience something special.

What’s more, Jon Wayes is one of the only hypnotists to end his show with a hypnotic tool proven, time and time again, to help volunteers control their stress & anxiety for life (perfect for midterms & finals)!

Jon Wayes

“I heard many students today tell me that this was the best after school activity we’ve had since they’ve been here”

— Tim Wicklund, Midwinter Organizer

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