Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Program

Program comes with 12 meditation setups and 4 Brain Taps.

Meditation Program comes with 12 state of the art meditation orbs designed to lead participants through an immersive meditation experience.  Participants are guided to breathing and relaxing exercises in a calm, centered environment.  Everything they learn during the sessions can immediately be applied to their every day lives for relaxation, concentration and stress management.

Participants will be welcomed in a created calm environment enhanced with mood lighting and aromatherapy.  They will participate in a beginning meditation session which will take 20 minutes.  They will be guided on how the meditation orb operates, guided through a short meditation to learn what to do, and then guided through the main meditation experience.  Participants will complete the session with several new skills that will impact their mental health and well being.

In an increasingly stressful and demanding world, we all could take some time to remember to breathe!  Participants will gain skills that will help them immediately as well as long term.

BrainTap uses delivers unique frequencies of light and sound for brain wave entrainment. In just 22 minutes of deep relaxation, your brain will be guided to Relax, Reboot, and Revitalize.

BrainTap lets you reach deeper meditative states without years of disciplined practice, leading to mental clarity and intuition. It enhances sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized. It reduces stress, worry and irritability while supporting emotional stability and mental harmony. By achieving the right mindset, you can lessen negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses and overcome bad habits, freeing you to explore an expanded self-awareness with boundless creativity. Best of all, you will experience the joy of higher states of consciousness where you attract and manifest your desires!

For even more relaxation, boo the complete Relaxation Program. It includes an oxygen bar, four massage chairs, four spinal exercisers, and two foot massagers.

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Relax and boost your focus when you practice guided mediation.

Relaxation Events

“The program went amazing! The students and staff both enjoyed both [The Staff] and the Natural Healing Event. It was Epic!!!”

— Mynetta Brower, Cuyahoga Community College