Game Show What’s the Lyric?

What’s the Lyric?

What’s the Lyric? is Neon Entertainment’s answer to the two hottest game shows, “The Singing Bee” and “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”.  Whether it is lyrics to songs by one-hit wonders or the weekly Top 40, if the players don’t know the words, they get the boot.

The show consists of four rounds.  In each round a contestant is randomly pulled from the audience to play.  The contestant selects from four different categories; for each category they will have a choice of two songs to choose from.  They then choose a song in which they want to sing.  When they sing the song, the words will be displayed on the large screen and the contestants monitor in order for them to sing.  Just as the song is going good, the music will stop and the contestant will have to complete the song with the next 3 to 12 lyrics.  Each time they get another song correct, they will advance to the next dollar amount.  The amount of lyrics needed to complete gets harder each time the dollar amount gets greater.  The dollar amounts are as follows:  $5, $10, $25, $50 & $75.  Once the contestant gets to the $10 threshold, they cannot leave the stage with less than $10.  Each time the contestant reaches a new dollar amount, if they are not sure of the correct lyrics, they can stop and leave the stage with the amount of money they are currently at.  If they attempt to sing the remaining lyrics, and are correct, they will then bump up to the next dollar amount.  However, if they are incorrect they will then drop down to $10.

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