Free Money Game Show

It’s like Minute to Win It and Jeopardy all rolled into one. Students compete by answering pop culture trivia questions and attempting to complete wacky physical challenges to win cash prizes. In any given game 30-35 students can compete throughout the game. The game lasts approximately 90 minutes but can be longer or shorter if needed. Anyone is allowed to compete in the game, students who want to play sign up when they arrive. All names are put into a bucket and then names are drawn out to see who will be in the game. At certain times there are contests to see who will get to compete in the game. Once in the game, students can choose if they would like a trivia question or a physical challenge. Each trivia question and physical challenge is worth a certain amount of points. There are 3 rounds. Each winner from the 3 rounds goes on to compete in the final round. The 3 contestants in the final round win various cash prizes based on who has the most points. There is also a chance throughout the game for other students to possibly win bonus cash prizes. There is a guaranteed $200 in cash prizes awarded at the end of the game and possibly more. If students are caught cheating or trying to give each other answers they will be disqualified.

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