Free Money Game Show

By far our most popular game show, The FREE MONEY Game Show is like Minute to Win It and Jeopardy all rolled into one!  Answer questions, complete challenges and you will get FREE MONEY! Just by advertising this event, schools always get a big crowd because all college students can always use some FREE MONEY! Every FREE MONEY Game is hosted by a professional comedian! This makes the show exciting, interactive and FUN! Every game includes $200 of FREE MONEY! Guaranteed! Every single show students will walk away from the game with $200 cash in their pockets!

FREE MONEY Game has lots of audience participation! Up to 40-50 students get to participate in each game! At almost every show we do everyone that wants a chance to participate in the show gets a chance to do so! Many times students get the chance to participate more than once if they would like to! There is no need to sign up, all students have to do is be there at the event and they will be eligible to play! There are multiple winners throughout the game and at least 4 different rounds to the game depending on the size of your crowd, so there are many chances to win the FREE MONEY!

The game involves pop culture trivia and wacky, crazy physical challenges. Students compete in a wacky physical challenges to earn the right to compete in the trivia portion of the game. We also have the dance challenge to get into the game!

In addition, The FREE MONEY Game Show is customizable to fit your needs. The show normally lasts 60 minutes but can be up to 90 minutes long or as short as 30 minutes depending on what works best for your event. On top of that the pop culture trivia questions in the game are customizable as well. If you would like specific categories to be involved in the game just let us know, we will be happy to include whatever you would like. Also, if you would like to have specific trivia questions about your school in the game, we can do that too, just provide us with the questions and you will have a totally customized event! The FREE MONEY Game Show is sure to be a big hit on your campus, draw a big crowd and give your students a night they won’t soon forget!

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