Choose Your Own Game Show

The audience rules in this one! Vote on which game show you want to play as part of the crowd.

This is a game show night where the students themselves vote to decided which game show will be played! When all of the students are ready to play, a poll is put out to the students con-sisting of the game shows we offer and they vote as to which game show they would like to play on that night! The game that gets the most votes wins and is the game that will be played!

The game show options included are: Free Money Game Show, Showbiz Quiz, Cell Phone Smackdown, Playlist Bingo and Total Trivia! Students can even get to chose the category or theme for that particular game! We have many different Playlist Bingo themes and many dif-ferent categories and subjects for our Trivia games. This is the event that truly gives the stu-dents what they want!

Choose Your Own Game Show is hosted by a professional comedian which makes the show even more exciting, interactive and FUN! Every game includes $200 in CASH PRIZES! Guaran-teed! *If your school cannot offer cash prizes, we can give away Amazon gift cards instead. You can also provide the prizes, if you prefer.

The show normally lasts for 60 -70 minutes, but can be as short as 30 minutes depending on what works best for your event.

Choose your own game show puts the power in your students hands!

Choose Your Format:

Choose between a variety of game show styles and themes for in-person, streamed, or hybrid formats. Players interact with our professional comedic hosts answering questions from their very own cell phones for up to 60-70 minutes of entertainment. Every game show booking includes a total of $200 in cash prizes – GUARANTEED and has the ability to have up to 1000 players competing at once. Ask your Neon Agent about package deals with 1, 2, or 3 Game Shows.

1. In-Person Events: One of our professional comedians host your game show experience live at your location.

2. Neon Entertainment Plus – Virtual Live Streamed Events: Your game show is hosted by one of our professional comedians via live stream to your location using state-of-the-art entertainment technology. The audience can participate together in one room, from anywhere across the country, or both.

3. V.I.P. (Virtual & In Person) Hybrid Events: One of our professional comedians host your game show experience for the in-person crowd and you (with the help from our team) live stream the event to all your locations and individual players. Everyone gets to play from wherever they are.

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Meet The Hosts:

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