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Cash Attack

Cash-Attack 3-14

Cash Attack is a great new game show that has taken the characteristics of two well-known game shows, “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Deal or No Deal”, and combined them to create an innovative and entertaining event that everyone in the audience has the chance to be part of.  Five rounds will be played, with total winning possibilities summing up to $1,250.

Contestants are chosen from the audience in a Let’s Make A Deal fashion.  Everyone is asked to stand, as our host calls out statements that pertain to them such as whose birth date ends in an odd number, or whose last name has more than three vowels in it. The last person standing is the contestant who gets the chance to play for the cash. Our set consists of a drapery backdrop and lighted shadow boxes, which hold the 21 cases the contestant gets to choose from. These cases have dollar amounts ranging from .01 to $250.  The round is played just like the TV classic Deal or No Deal and features its very own energetic host and banker.

Cash Attack

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was amazing! He is such a sweet guy and our students seemed to love him. The show [Cash Attack] ran very smoothly…I’d say this show was a perfect way for students to engage in a fun activity on a Saturday night. The combination of music playing, the ways people interacted in order to get a chance on stage and Derrick’s overall comedic responses were great.”

— Salisbury University

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