First Lead Yourself

First Lead Yourself

Student leaders will learn the core principles that all great leaders possess and gain access to the tools to support your life, relationships, academics, and career. Find out how to immediately apply physical and mental exercises to anchor yourself for success through any challenge. It’s now time to get energized to Live At A Level Beyond Where Everyone Else is Living!

Every generation has its share of leaders, and on each campus, that share is about 3-10%. Some impact the community, while others impact the planet. Learn what it takes to become a true leader by learning from those who have lead change before us. This experience examines the foundational principle that all great leaders possess: the unique ability to lead themselves first before leading their community, their nation, and their world. In this high energy, interactive seminar, you will recognize your motivations and tap the power of personal vision and goal-setting to build your campus community.

  • Discover what it means to be an authentic leader, living beyond where everyone else lives
  • Participate in The X-Factor Finger Point to realize the potential of goals that empower you
  • Clarify your vision, because if you don’t have a plan for yourself, you’ll be a part of someone else’s plan
  • Develop empowering beliefs that give you authority to manage your self-esteem and future success
  • Take action now to defeat procrastination and create momentum towards your goals
  • Commit 100% to influence yourself first in order to unmask the leadership illusion


This leadership experience is a great kickoff for a retreat, keynote for a conference, or stand-alone workshop to motivate students to step up, take responsibility, and be accountable for leading themselves first before leading others. Students will leave this event with profoundly powerful concepts and tools (and some cool ideas) that they can bring back to their community so that they can rise up and become a person of influence who really makes a difference on campus.

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