Extra Lives

Extra Lives

The Extra Lives Live Experience is a fully narrated choose-your-own-adventure game where YOU are the main character. Audiences are plunged into an exciting story with visuals, music, footage and sound effects drawn from the legendary console games of the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s. With a live score provided by the lovable nerds of Extra Lives, this immersive feast for the imagination will transport you back to your childhood whether you grew up playing video games or not!

At several key junctures the audience must vote on how the character will proceed, leading to special story branches. With multiple endings and over 30 different possible variations depending on in-game choices, each 45-to-60 minute experience is unique! Every story is handpicked for the season, event or theme at hand, and can even be tailor-made for a custom approach. Each show follows a different ‘genre’ format, but every show we write includes moments of humor, lots of classic video games, and ample opportunities for audience interaction.

Story Options

Extra Lives and the Land of Eternal Spring

You escape from your evil robot overlords and discover a world beyond your wildest dreams.

Extra Lives’ Summer Vacation (Our most popular show)

Your dream vacation hits a snag when you accidentally oversleep. Hilarity ensues.

Extra Lives and the Fall of Bowser Enterprises

You uncover a web of crime, murder and corruption and must race against time to gather evidence… and survive.

Extra Lives’ Halloween Tale

Murder is on the menu as an innocent dinner party leads to a twisted game.

Extra Lives

“The visuals and the whole story and the ambiance… it’s amazing.”

— Marc Dolgin, CAPCOM


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