Extinction Levels

Extinction Levels


Jack Frost is fed up! Feeling like his talents have been under-appreciated and ignored by his mother, mother nature, and father, father time, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. He has stolen the sacred objects of his mother and father, a clock that can control time, and a pendant that can control weather, and is planning to turn the world into his own personal snow globe to prove just how clever and talented he really is. Players, this is where you come in. In 45 minutes the time will be up and all the world will be a winter wonderland. Before this happens you must work together and find the sacred objects and stop the timer. Hurry my friends, unless you want to be stuck wearing parkas and reliving the same day on repeat, you must move fast!


  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • 3 outlets per room
  • Approximately 225 square feet (15×15 foot room is perfect)



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