Extinction Level

Extinction Level


Asteroid AG-23 has been detected by NASA satellites and we only have 25 minutes to intercept it with a combined missile attack.  The entire world is coming together to attempt to avert apocalypse and every missile counts.  Unfortunately the Army’s mobile nuclear launch station 3201 has been attacked by terrorists.  The staff is dead and the launch keys are missing.  You have exactly 30 minutes to solve the puzzles, find the 5 launch keys and turn them simultaneously to launch the missile and save us all!

This is a QUICK PLAY game – so you have 30 minutes to solve it.  10-12 players/room.



  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • 3 outlets per room
  • Approximately 225 square feet (15×15 foot room is perfect)



Send us a message to inquire about or to book Escape Room: Extinction Level

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