Event Location Photo/Video Submission

For Safety reasons and protection of our equipment and staff, all the following guidelines need to be followed. Any items required by the ARTIST and not provided by the PURCHASER could result in adjustments or deletion of equipment for the event. in the event that the ARTIST needs to adjust the event, PURCHASER is responsible for 100% of the show compensation.  It is critical that we have this information as well as all of the requested info/items from the rider to make your event successful

If you have any questions on the rider details please reach out to your agent.  Not following or providing all the information in the rider (i.e. tables, chairs, volunteers, additional requirements, etc) will cause AGENCY to adjust the rink size or not provide the program.  PURCHASER will still be required to pay in full if equipment arrives or is en-route and all the requirements are not met.

PURCHASER is responsible for proving the following information: